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Eliminate the penny essay

eliminate the penny essay

is the least substantive argument u.s companies that write essays for students in favor of keeping the penny, and yet, ironically, its probably the most effective. Mint stopped producing halfpenny coins which, according to the historical information calculator at m, had a purchasing power.14 in 2015 dollars.

eliminate the penny essay

Should We Get Rid of the Penny?
8 Reasons to Keep

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Many people on tidy endings essay thought that 2009, the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln cent, should have been the last year of penny manufacture. Bernardo Effective Date:. It seems the all day good luck from picking up that penny, may be coming to an end. Second, once pennies drop out of circulation, the nickel will become the lowest-value coin cluttering up peoples pockets. They come from mines in the earth zinc mines, mostly, because pennies are more than 97 zinc. They Keep Prices Low Penny supporters point out that that if pennies are eliminated, all cash transactions will have to be rounded off to the nearest nickel. This is causing the mint to lose money for the treasury. The penny is composed of 2 copper and 98 zinc.

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