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Reflection on leadership essay

reflection on leadership essay

style and, still more elusive, has various qualities that may be pronounced. This may sound confusing but it is part of the truth about the leadership puzzle. And skills plainly make up an important part of leadership capability. After this comes commitment to something larger and longer term than just our own egos. Leaders also work as followers; all in all, everyone uses a portion of their day following and another portion leading (Galie and Bopst, 2006,. A style may be democratic or autocratic, centralized or decentralized, empathetic or detached, extroverted or introverted, assertive or passive, engaged or remote. It also included how these qualities are used in my daily work routine, self-assessment results and a brief explanation on Individual style in leadership.

A persons leadership style may also be critical to effectiveness. Hence, no special training should be given to some special select few. I am sure many of you have been puzzled, as I have been, about why so many talented friends of ours have leveled off earlier than needs to be the case. This is also a reflection of the work of Vroom Jago (2007) who state that leaders should motivate others to do great things. But such ideas or vision are useless unless the would-be leader can communicate them and get them accepted by followers. Scores of military leaders have become effective in business or politics. While a good manager is concerned, and justifiably so, with efficiency, with keeping things going, with the routines and standard operating procedures, and with reaffirming ongoing systems, the creative leaders acts as an inventor, risk taker and generalist entrepreneur ever asking or searching for what. Thus, the single biggest factor is motivating or liberating would-be leaders in their attitude toward themselves and toward their responsibilities to others. I also carried a flag during the parade. The leader also must be ever sensitive to the distinction between power and authority. Example of Negative Leadership At my previous place of employment, I had many effective and helpful leaders. Leader is someone who is can influence others.

A two-way engagement or two-way interaction is constantly going. Leaders need to have considerable self-confidence, but they also must have a dose of self-doubt. This paper describes about my leadership strengths and areas for growth/future study.