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Descriptive essay on my ideal bedroom

descriptive essay on my ideal bedroom

My pug scratches the door when she wants to come into my room. The place where I feel the most comfortable, and show my personality, is my bedroom. We recommend you to use Chrome, Safari or Firefox to utilize the full features of lino comfortably (. Theres a small white rug on the wooden floor and plenty of books on the shelves opposite to the bed. It is the only place that I can make my own, I can be creative and decorate show more content, another reason that my room makes me feel comfortable is that I love to dance, but I am embarrassed to do it in front. The door is white, with some scratches at the bottom from my pug scraping it with her claws.

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This has two benefits: it helps the examiner see that youre being coherent thats a large part of your score it helps you dissertation assistance service focus on what youre going to say next it just makes speaking easier. To the right of the altar is my closet, which contains a rack of sweaters, a suit, scarfs, and belts. But I am a down-to-earth person, and it matches what I need. My room has many characteristics of which I share; it has many pictures that I have taken, about my friends or other interesting things that I have found. Im going to talk to you about my bedroom. Playing a video (Stop) by susanaenglishblog, feb views, access to Canvas (Publicity). It is one of the coldest rooms in our house, as the windows are quite old and thin, and lack insulation. Now Listen, understand how to structure an answer. While I say its my bedroom, its actually more like a bedsit in that its not just a place where I sleep. I will think about everything I have heard, and my room makes me feel comfortable like there is nothing that can stop me from making a comment and saying what is on my mind. The ceiling is white, but with black blotches above the meditation altar because of candle and incense smoke.

Description of My Room Essay - 677 Words Bartleby

descriptive essay on my ideal bedroom