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Book characters

book characters

dark hair and a wild imagination! The Moomins is known best for its assortment of lovable characters, from Too-ticky and Mymble to Sniff and Stinky, but its The Groke the arch-enemy of the Moomins that subtly steals the show. Rowling Meg - Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski Merlin King Arthur Gandalf Lord of the Rings.R.R. Whether you prefer classic fairytales, Jane Austen novels or more modern day favourites, youll be at the top of the best seller list in no time. Created by much-loved artist Dick Bruna, who was inspired by Matisse and Mondrian, Miffy has transitioned effortlessly from kids entertainment to art since she was created in 1955. Alongside his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail, Peter Rabbit is the loveable (and rather well-dressed) rogue of the woodland world. Book characters that wear a blue or black and white stripy top. He is known for asking unfathomable riddles and reciting nonsensical poetry. With the Southbank Centres Adventures in Moominland exhibition last year bringing alive the Moomins for all ages (complete with actual trees and pseudo snowstorms its fair to say that the Moomins are still bookshelf must-haves.

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Whilst she is said to have no 'proper' manners, she is sweet and outgoing, and likes to share stories about her childhood on the peter singer short essays sea - even if they are embellished a little! Although in Peter's case it's almost certainly to the vegetable patch. He is a kind-hearted yet mysterious character, both temporal and otherworldly, and a reassuring guide to the human children who visit Narnia. A tiger cant change its stripes, and an elephant cant change its patchwork, but Elmer is the elephant who we'll never forget. Like many of these characters, Paddington has changed somewhat of the years, most recently in the form of 3D on the big screen in 20A much-loved book character, fans showed their appreciation for the conscientious bear by laying jars of marmalade by a statue.