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Teacher metaphor essays

teacher metaphor essays

concept before. Metaphor relates new knowledge with previous knowledge that has been received so that students can accept new knowledge easily. So if my students run into a problem You only see fog up ahead Look for the light to show you A way out of the fog instead. Do you have a favorite metaphor for teaching?

teacher metaphor essays

By using metaphor, curriculum can be described as a subject matter, curriculum as a planned program, the curriculum as cultural reproduction, and. But the midwife understands. There are so many directions Out in the wide open sea So much room for growth So many places to go,. Students become passive in accepting knowledge without an active role to mastery the knowledge. I once heard a midwife say, Ive lost track how many births Ive attended, but I know that when its over and the babe is there in the mothers arms, my heart still leaps for joy. Learning becomes more enjoyable. Students become more active because students can describe a term with other terms that they already know. Based on my experience as teacher, metaphor improves learning approach that I do although at that time I did not know that I use metaphor. Each knowing what to expect essay on importance of environmental sanitation Knowing we will soon be parting ways Support is what is needed Through the good and the bad days. They do that so that the learning goes well. Based on my experience, I describe curriculum as a program of planned activities).

Functions of Metaphor in Teaching and Teacher Education: A review

teacher metaphor essays

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