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Analytical essay on human trafficking

analytical essay on human trafficking

that get forced into human trafficking (for all words in bold, see Appendix A, Keomanivong, 2008). Political science also shows how the world is handling human trafficking, and how there tends to be an absence of government intervention. The three most significant disciplines that will help explain human trafficking are sociology, political science, and economics. The developing countries and third-world countries where the population suffers from poverty and illiteracy are particularly vulnerable. Bureau of Public Affairs. Literature research, along with peer-reviewed articles or journals that relate to each discipline will be conducted in order to allow for optimal information to be obtained about human trafficking. Someone who is wealthy sees how poor they are and takes advantage of them. Even though the history of human trafficking does date back as far as the slave trade, it will not be covered in depth. It is the illegal trade of selling human beings into labor or sexual exploitation through coercion, defraudation, or force.

Florida State University for the Advancement of Human Rights. It is difficult for governments to control such illegal trades. The other larger social factor that I found.

Although there are some reports of the United States putting trafficking high on their agenda of things to do, it seems like there needs to be more interaction between countries in order to achieve success at extinguishing this crime (Gramegna Laczko, 2003). There must be a paradigm shift at the base of human behavior, and history has shown that this is the most difficult shift for mankind to make. If the person is able to leave freely, then they have been smuggled. The middle passage of the triangular trade was a path from Africa to America, and was where the transport of slaves was primarily conducted. Florida State University Law Review. One way to do it is to use some statistics or numbers and point out the area in which human trafficking is taking place. The second part of the United States definition expresses that human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, or harboring of persons in order to use for labor through the act of force or fraud and for the purpose of slavery or debt repayment. With the formation of the triangular trade and the middle passage it was possible to transport slaves into the Americas.

analytical essay on human trafficking