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Living and working in the community essay

living and working in the community essay

describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city. And this can bee carrying out a festival of arts or creating a club. What I mean by this is that whenever you live, there are some useful stores like supermarkets, banks, tobacconists and clothing stores where you can easily buy everything you need without going to the city center. The communities on ethnic or national attributes also belong to this group. Personally, I believe that the benefits of enjoying the city-life and the comfort of having shops at every corner, eventually overweigh the negatives. Therefore, they can all be happy, healthy and amazingly successful. But if you are forced to write on an unfamiliar topic, which does not interest you, you will be in need of some help with your assignment. If you feel you need professional writing assistance contact us!

It also causes depression in the minds of the individuals and makes them prone to physical illness. Also, they tended to cover themselves from new things. Rather than living a corporate lifestyle which makes you good only for the moment, the community plays sticks through thick and thin with the individual. . In the modern life, most people live in big cities where they barely know a few people in their neighborhood. Similar tendencies are observed all over the world. The community that unites people who live within one geographical district is called territorial community. Knowing the neighborhood: One of the most important advantages of the community is that you are aware about the people living in close vicinity. This process had led to the fact that people feel necessity to belong to some concrete group.1 Development of work in community is similar to process of individual social work.

Secondly, people who lived in a small community tended to have strong brotherhood therefore, if their neighbor had difficulties they would help and support him/her sincerely. We will help you to create perfect research paper on any topic. Note: m is an outstanding custom writing company. Last, they were difficult to accept new things that came from outside their community even it was a good one, because they were head towards to their own principal and cultural. It will also add impressiveness to your essay. The national states are not perceived as the formations that are able to satisfy all requirements of their citizens. Such mistakes disappoint the readers and confuse them about the matter you are trying to convey. Cooperation: People learn to work as a team and cooperate in accomplishing different tasks.

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The small community had strong brotherhood. I believe there were three main benefits. This means that you have to deal with rush-hour traffic on your way to work and on your way back. Community policy this is a complex of programs aimed on attraction of communitys members for achievement of certain purposes. If you are living alone, you might have to do everything on your own. In professional social building essay work in Great Britain the term community is used in two meanings: territorial community and community on interests.