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Essays on saving bees

essays on saving bees

check the label. . Bees are known for their contributions to the honey industry, but they do so much more. Work Cited, johnson, Renée. If you are going to buy honey, if possible, buy local honey from a beekeeper you trust who cares about their bees. . Many well-known garden pesticides contain neonicotinoids. Scientists also found that the Colony Collapse Disorder is not caused by one factor, but by multiple factors. Bee Decline, many different factors have contributed to the loss of bee numbers throughout time. There is a trending fad that everyone should adopt the use of raw honey for its beneficial characteristics. Crops are pollinated by bees, including apples, berries, cantaloupes, cucumbers, alfalfa, and almonds. Oh, and here is a shout out for the persecuted wasp - they are pollinators too, and it is believed bees are descended from wasps! .

They found that a lot of bees in colonies are stressed and this is weakening colonies, leading to collapse when the colonies are exposed to additional stress pathogen, parasite, or pesticide. The Contribution of Bees. Bumblebee nests usually only last a season, and most solitary species are unlikely to cause problems. . They all have their individual body types and they are all conveniently in this essay. Think about it: patents for pesticides admit the chemicals are used to "control". Some pesticides such as neonicotinoid insecticides, can remain in the soil for years, and continue to be taken up by the plant from the soil. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, more recently, in 2000, some colonies of bees disappeared in the Cache Valley in Utah after a hard winter and a cold spring. For further information about how councils can help to prevent bee decline, see these ideas. The bees can be left alone - please don't use chemicals on your lawn.