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Descriptive essay people influenced you

descriptive essay people influenced you

the diagnosis to the psychiatrist means something else. . So when I'm being essay on forest and water referred a "30 year old borderline I know almost exactly what I'm getting, even though it has nothing to do with borderline. . A good example is borderline. .

It's theoretically possible, yes. Once again, I'm saying that this is how the diagnosis is used by many psychiatrists. Second, borderline is meant as a synonym for any of the following: needy, argumentative, touchy/hypersensitive. They carry nearly none of the implications of causality (except, once in a while, sexual abuse nor do they reflect a distinctive understanding of a person's personality (e.g. "Articulate" has a certain meaning, look in the dictionary; it is fairly consistent throughout all settings except one: when it is used by a white guy to describe a black guy. . But it's wrong, obviously. .

Those "things" however, are uncoupled from the "official" diagnosis. . When you read articles saying "borderline is a pejorative term, and these patients are often really bipolar" what you need to understand is that "bipolar" is not a more valid or reliable diagnosis, it's simply another heuristic. . "It's bipolar."  "It's borderline."  "It's poverty."  "It's bad parenting."  "It's."  Well? It's not like saying, "it's not a unicorn, it's a rhinoceros."  It is like saying, "it's not a unicorn, it's a pegasus.".

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