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Essay on causes of revolt of 1857

essay on causes of revolt of 1857

policy of annexation and extermination resulted in a great commotion in the country and alienated the native ruling circle from British power. Wheler of the 34th Bengal Infantry ) had taken to preaching to their Sepoys in the hope of converting them to Christianity. The Revolt of 1857 the First War of Independence! Governor-General Wellesley began what became two decennaries of accelerated enlargement of Company districts. Made publicity a slow advancement. There was unrest in several places. The common school system introduced by the Britishers was also viewed by conservatives as an attempt to destroy the time honoured cast system. The hopes, desires and despairs of the other sections of society, especiaaly the peasantry were reflected in them. The Company was the authorities of much of India.

Contents, frictions edit, some Indians were upset with what they saw as the draconian rule of the Company who had embarked on a project of territorial expansion and westernisation that was imposed without any regard for historical subtleties in Indian society. He was hanged to death on 8th April. And was contained merely with the autumn of Gwalior on The rebellion is besides known as Indias First War of Independence.

essay on causes of revolt of 1857

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Lord Canning landed at Bombay on 26th January 1856 to assume the ch arge of his new office.
The great revolt of 1857 shook the entire nation.
The Indian Rebellion of 1857 began as a mutiny of sepoys of the East India.

Certain actions of the government, such as increased recruitment of Sikhs and Gurkhas, peoples considered by the Bengal sepoys to be inferior in caste to them, increased the distrust of the sepoys who thought that this was a sign of their services not being needed. 26 Prophecies, omens, signs and rumours edit There was rumour about an old prophecy that the Company's rule would end after a hundred years. This belief had psychological stimuli for revolt. Thus ended the imperial dynasty of the Mughals. 11 Caste privileges and customs within the Bengal Army were not merely tolerated but encouraged in the early years of the Company's rule. The Governor Generals office was replaced by that of the Viceroy. Its triumph in theBattle of Plassey in 1757 marked the beginning of its house bridgehead in Eastern India. The rebellion took on the properties of a loyal rebellion against European presence. No Effective Leaders : The rebels lacked an effective leader. Another important point of unpopularity of British administration was its secluded foreignness.

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