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How to write a magazine article proposal

how to write a magazine article proposal

out simply because the proposal-writer left the name of one of the customer's competitors in a paragraph lifted from an old proposal. If the magazine has departments, find the editor responsible for that department. Your business case may matter more than the writing. While everyone expects the writing to be solid, theyre probably not expecting a literary masterpiece.

how to write a magazine article proposal

While proposal length varies tremendously, most are essays analysis of two advertisements somewhere around 10 to 25 pages double-spaced, not including sample chapters. . Spell that persons name correctly; Choose formality over informality (Ms. Related: More business plan articles. What proof can we offer that we are qualified and competent? If you're serious about a proposal, I highly recommend that, in addition to doing your own in-house editing, you hire an independent copyeditor to go over the entire proposal.

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