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Should prostitution be legalized essay

should prostitution be legalized essay

Sex workers in licensed brothels can have someone to back up the violence if it was to occur. m, ml (accessed October 08, 2018). Prostitution is viewed differently throughout society and holds a lot of negative opinions but no one really discuss the benefits of prostitution being legalized throughout America. According to American Social Health Association, the US has the highest rate of STDs in the industrialized world, with around 19 million new cases of STDs occurring each year, not including HIV. Indeed, the numbers look quite scary. For example, a team of twelve officers patrolling, the streets of New York City, for signs of prostitution would hinder its precincts chances of apprehending a fleeing suspect from the scene of a murder.

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Prostitution Should be Legalized, i think that prostitution should be legalized because it is no introduction of data essay about family different than any other service that we pay to receive. Legislation should make it mandatory for all the workers within the industry to go through regular check-ups in order to keep their jobs. (6) However, the US Department of Health reports that only 3 to 5 of the STD cases is prostitution related. Show More, why should prostitution be legal? Legalizing prostitution would help make the sex workers feel safer and more secure. Now, as we have entered into the 21st century AD, prostitution is still a part of modern society.

Prostitution Should NOT be Legal Essays - 1071 Words Cram Why Prostitution Should Be Legal Essay - 1423 Words Cram Argument: Should prostitution be legalized?

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