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Short essay on liberalism

short essay on liberalism

light shed on liberalism and its three key phenomena and its emphasis on the potentially peace-promoting effects of domestic and transnational institutions. Havent Found A Paper? Its highly merited to admit that liberalism school of thought has a profound influence in promoting many positive values towards humanity and progressive support to enhance the sphere of political science and especially international relations.

What is your topic? Let us create the best one for you! Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Balance of power is an argumentative issue for many classical and contemporary theorists, as a matter of fact; Dunne, Kurki, and Smith (2010) hinted that current realists consider military capabilities the foundation of security and the Greeks were very insensitive to the value of alliances. In conclusion, the crux of argument between liberalism and realism as two important theories in the sphere of international relations as mentioned above are focused on the cause of war and conflicts between states in the globalization of world politics.

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Therefore, this work applied the analogical and analytical approach to pinpoint the deficiencies of each theory and to figure out smoothly the most convincing basis of the tow controversies. Feminists have attacked the division of social life into public and private sphere. Its worthy to mention that neorealist or structural realist such as Waltz, Jervis, and Mearsheimer focuses on the international system instead of human nature while states remain the main actors. Liberals are more understanding of the international system expressing their thoughts and relations peacefully seeking for collective security to reduce conflicts and maintain a balance of power among states. In the twentieth century, Liberal thinking influenced policy'making élites and public opinion in a number of Western states after the First World War, an era often referred to in academic International Relations as Idealism. Indeed, peace is to liberals is a value that can be easily accomplished through international organizations as the preceded US president and among the first pioneers of liberalism was Woodrow Wilson suggestion to regulate the international anarchy. Ever since its genesis in the turmoil in Europe, Liberalism had suited the genesis of time. Moreover, there is nothing called sinful human nature but a bad behaviour refers to the evil institutions and structural arrangements that prompt those to perform self-centred and to harm others including making war. Besides, the United States foreign policy in the Middle East is always justified under national interests of insecurity that gives the right to infringe the international humanitarian laws. They hold that the notion of neutral public sphere is biased and reflects the male presuppositions.

While, earlier it was believed that it faces fierce opposition only from the Marxists, today there have arisen new schools of thought questioning liberalism on a number of points. Liberalism : Essay on Limitations of Liberalism. Article shared by : advertisements.