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Child labour in bangladesh essays

child labour in bangladesh essays

we are showing all the negative factors of the industrialization. It said that families were usually keen for their children to remain in school, but were unable to afford to live without the extra income, albeit meagre. As one of the developing country, Bangladesh has many socio-economic challenges, and obstacles, as well. Based on my research we need to raise awareness and spreading it everywhere, which will educate people to volunteer to help and we fix this significant problem in Cambodia. Essay about Child Labour.jnanaranjan padhan ravenshaw university, cuttack introduction In passing the 86th Amendment to the Constitution of India, education is a fundamental right. Mrs College of Education Agbor Abstract The issue of child labour is an acclaimed universal phenomenon. The boy felt the same way after he first dropped out of school, but said three years in the workforce had changed his perspective.

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Among many different reasons, following are the key issues, which made child labor as such a devastating problem in Bangladesh. In addition, ILO Dhaka stresses on the need for urgent action to eliminate child labour within a time bound manner in the light of the sustainable development goals. Human rights and children rights are one very sensitive issue which comes as one big challenge for such a country like Bangladesh. Child labor is one very concerning issue which seemed very threatening for the society, in a country like Bangladesh. Here, the innocent child is not the sweetheart of the family members, instead he is an earning machine working the entire day in order to satisfy the needs and wants of his/her family. And now these days we are trying to become a manufacturing industrialized country. Poverty, lack of good schools and growth of informal economy are considered as the important causes of child labour in India.

child labour in bangladesh essays

They are given the least wages possible for the maximum labour.
Child labor in Bangladesh is identified as a child in the age group range from five to fourteen years old, who is working for money.

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