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Why do i love pakistan short essay

why do i love pakistan short essay

want no one would stop. It felt very inviting and I was happy I made the decision to move there. Majority of the people around me are of the same culture and religion as I am which gives me a sense of belonging and affection for them and the country. I love, pakistan because it is my country. I love my country because it gives me a standard of living which no other country would. When we arrived at my mother in laws house the first thing I saw was a beautiful decorated Christmas tree standing in the corner and smelt the biscuits and sausage gravy cooking in the kitchen. My stomach began to growl I was so hungry. I am free to go to the mosque or to keep fast. I hope a time will come and. When I played offense and actually had the ball while dribbling down the court, I became unstoppable and nobody could touch.

Short essay on, why, i love, pakistan

why do i love pakistan short essay

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Finishing up the quick breakfast I ran in to the bright, lucid morning to amuse myself with my friends. Of course I was on cloud nine when I shot a basket and actually made. Being a Pakistani I have the privilege to enjoy my vacations on beautiful hills and that too at a low cost. I loved learning the defensive and offensive plays. Pakistan will become a real fort of Islam (Inshallah). There were no clamors of passing cars or soaring planes in the calm air. Why I Love Cats Essay.Reason I love Cats. Other examples of Dickinsons figurative language used within her poem are her use of similes. Hip-hop music is a music genre that consists of a stylized rhythm that commonly is paired with rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. Her poem Why do I love, you sir?, is a perfect example of the use of unconventional diction and figurative language, which in turn compliments the overall theme. In my spare time I hang out with a ball. And then Allah's promise in the holy Quran that "you will be most exalted if you become true Muslims" will insha Allah be fulfilled.

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