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Theory section of a lab report

theory section of a lab report

your plot that is the best fit of your data to the functional form that theory predicts. This section should be a concise, tabulated summary of your results. Tabulated Results: Title final experimental results, standard or accepted values, if they exist, and percent errors and/or percent differences. You need to give him enough information to do the following: Understand what you are trying to accomplish and how. 3 pages, 1030 words. What should it look like? This is what you do if you dont have a theory. Equations should be numbered sequentially in order of initial appearance; this makes it easy to refer to them at some later point in the text. Consequently, time will be on the x-axis and concentration of reactants will be on the y-axis.

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If there are only two columns, the material should be written as narrative. Below is a list of citations styles commonly used in science. The results of the experiment should be interpreted and (where appropriate) compared with each other. Conclusions should be based on the evidence presented. Collected, such as gender group and age range. If your raw data is illegible, the grade will suffer. Tables, one of the most efficient methods used to communicate technical information is by means of a data table. The results alone would be considered.

theory section of a lab report

The abstract may be the hardest section of a paper to write. Constructing a theory section requires identifying all of the key components of the theory. A lab report is a technical means of telling a story. It should be constructed so that you tell the reader: the theory you are testing, how you are testing it, the results you obtained and a discussion of their significance. The sections below will help you to effectively demonstrate your understanding of the.

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