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Psycho shower scene analysis essay

psycho shower scene analysis essay

and picking up the ledger, the audience notice how confident he has become, and wonder what the reason. Extracts from this document. Alfred Hitchcock is bringing out the sexuality aspect of this scene by making it look like very soft-core porn, because I certainly dont wash myself with that much pleasure. Clearly this is a scene made from a male point of view. No Downloads, no notes for slide. Peering into the small hole, it is revealed to Norman that Marion is undressing to take her shower. Be the first to like this. Back in her room, Marion adds up how much money she has spent of the 40,000. Alfred Hitchcock had a thing for beautiful blonde women with problems or irregularities, as displayed by this film and others (The Birds).

She is onto us and wont let us be intruders, and she gives us that stare to back us away. He purposefully cast Janet Leigh, an established celebrity, because he knew that it would be that much more shocking when he killed off her character midway through the film. The irony of the shower scene is that Marion has just decided to give back the money when "Mrs. In Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, Laura Mulvey describes something known as the Male Gaze. Or it may also be to emphasise the womens screams when she is being murdered. Next, the camera switches to an extreme close-up of Norman's face, filling the screen with just his unblinking eye, which is illuminated slightly due to the more. Therefore holding the audiences attention and keeping them watching. Is no talking in this scene, this might be to highlight that she is alone at home.

The first 20 minutes or so of the film focus on Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, as the audience is gothic grotesques essays on fantasy literature tricked into believing she is the films protagonist. We looked through her eyes, listened to her thoughts and witnessed her actions only to see her naked body slashed to an ugly death. He confesses that he thinks about cursing his mother and leaving her behind, but he can't, because she is mentally ill. Music at the end, slowly dies down and I think Hitchcock used the music to reflect the that the women is also slowly dying as she grabs the shower curtain and falls over the side to her death. It is a piercing sound which holds suspense as well as scaring the audience. At this point, we feel sorry for Norman, just as Marion does. We as the audience are intruding on her private moment- voyeurism.

Psycho s crucial and important scene is the murder of Marion i n the shower, which is known as the Shower Scene.
77 camera angles are.
The Horrifying Shower Scene in Alfred Hitchcock s Film, Psycho.

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