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Essay on literature in kannada

essay on literature in kannada

of the, kannada language, a member of the, dravidian family spoken mainly in the. Vasudhendra told me that after the story was published, I became unburdened. In some contexts, the term puravcharyar, which may refer to previous grammarians or rhetoricians, have also been mentioned. 20 With the waning of Jain influence during the 14th-century Vijayanagara empire, a new Vaishnava literature grew rapidly in the 15th century; the devotional movement of the itinerant Haridasa saints marked the high point of this era. Karnataka, India: Shrihari Prakashana. The novel details the search for new values and identity by the protagonist, a Brahmin, who had sexual intercourse with the untouchable mistress of his heretic adversary.

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Essay on literature in kannada
essay on literature in kannada

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But the writer shaped the material into a form he was more comfortable with. 140 His poems covered a wide range of themes including patriotism, love of nature, conjugal love, transcendental experiences and sympathy for the poor. 1921 Kamath (1980. Nissar Ahmed are among the best-known later generation Navya poets. Nandakumar employs very personal, physical imagery in a daring manner and is recognised for her bold and uninhibited expression. Vasudhendra met some of these menin coffee shops or even in his home. Vasudhendra, however, does not want his work to be coloured by activism. This work is a morality tale in which the divine intervention of iva saves a royal family from self-inflicted tragedy in their efforts to uphold the law.

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