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Essay of thadingyut festival

essay of thadingyut festival

and windows as we walked around. Thingyan (The Water Festival) is the most interesting and greatest occasion for merry-making with the largest number of people taking part in it throughout the country. Our first day in Lashio, we went to the Thatana 2500 pagoda. Food and flowers are offered to the pagoda on the second day.

Now-a-days the traditional celebrations are found only in rural areas while Bihu celebrations in cities and towns are characterised by community functions and entertainments. The second day of the Bihu is the most important day. Date : full moon day of Tazaungmone Location : Taunggyi, southern Shan State Duration : 3 Days All Night Robe Weaving Contests In the evening of the full moon day, teams of weavers compete to finish a monks rube during the night, to be offered. He explained that the lighting of the candles represented the ruby stairway that Buddha descended as he returned to earth from heaven. It is therefore, the duty of every Assamese to preserve these national festivals in their original form and grandeur. Since our local food eatery was closed (due to the festival we were forced to find an alternative establishment. One significant aspect of this festival is that donors do not make offerings to a particular monk, but rather to a monastery in general. The dancing is not done by genuine pachyderms, but rather by teams of two competitors dressed in colourful, homemade elephant costumes, who bust their moves to the beat of live drum music as they seek to out-perform the other contestants. While working in Lashio, Danielle and I had the pleasure of participating in the Thadingyut Festival which occurs on the full moon day of the seventh month of the Myanmar calendar. The sign above the entrance read, Palace Garden.

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