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What caused the civil war in 1642 essay

what caused the civil war in 1642 essay

little confidence in him. I confess I have not any fear of danger from Catholics, and the truth is this bugbear is grown less terrible to everybody. In 1651-2, William Birchley, a Catholic apologist who wanted to show that not all Catholics had opposed parliament, asserted that a great part of those papists, who are sequestered as absolute delinquents, were never in actual arms against the Parliament, but only fled to the. The trial reached its foregone conclusion. French, roman Catholic princess, Henrietta Maria.

In these circumstances, parliament gave almost full rein to the anti-popery of its supporters, with the result that, as Miller suggests, Catholics suffered more severely than other Royalistsfrom the depredations of the Parliamentary forces.2. Following the intervention of a powerful Scottish army and the defeat of the king's forces at Marston Moor in 1644, Charles lost control of the north of Britain. James II fled to France a few weeks later and William and Mary were crowned as joint monarchs the following year. Charles took exception to this lèse-majesté (offence against the ruler) and dissolved Parliament after only a few days, this earning it the name "the Short Parliament. Those towns had become fortresses and showed more reliable loyalty to him than to others.

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