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Different stages of sleep essay

different stages of sleep essay

2018 Are you shopping for a sleep tracker? Up until the 1950s, it was widely believed that sleep was just a passive period of unconscious rest, but now we know that its a complex process that is essential to the rejuvenation of the body and mind. The first sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes. What Is Deep Sleep?

different stages of sleep essay

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This is deep sleep. Waking may occur after REM. There were, however, no long show more content, stern and Morgane put forward an alternative restoration theory, proposing that during sleep, the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain are restored. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, i have been sleeping and started dreaming of an alarm clock that will not stop going and then woke up to having my essay on how to save mother nature alarm clock going off. There are five stages of sleep. In the REM period, breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow, eyes jerk rapidly and limb muscles are temporarily paralyzed. These behaviors are known as parasomnias, and tend to occur during the transitions between non-REM and REM sleep. The next stage of sleep is called nrem-2, and occurs for approximately 20 minutes. People who viewed this also viewed. Nrem-3 is the next stage of sleep that a person will enter and lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

Once we're finished with REM sleep, we begin to descend back down through all four stages until we are at back at light sleep. It is very important that we have all the stages of sleep every night in order to prepare us for REM. Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most essential requirements for the human body to function.