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Thesis on bebo

thesis on bebo

users to be significantly lower than that of non-Facebook users (Kirschner Karpinksi, 2010). The authors captured four students voices using the aforementioned themes. Some students, however, also claim that visiting social media sites during class time helps them deal with the boredom they experience in college. General Objective The overall objective of this study is to assess the impact of Facebook usage on Students Academic Performance. But, the students of branch and Extension, and weekendstudents have not been given attention in the study to investigate the phenomenon. Chapter two consists of the related literature.

Social Networking: the use of internet to make information about yourself available to other people especially people you share an interest with to send messages to them. These social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become a furious craze for everyone these days. Relative to the general population, adolescents and young adults are the heaviest computer and Internet users, primarily using it for completing school assignments (36 e-mail and/or instant messaging (26 and playing computer games (38) (DeBell Chapman, 2006). Websites, email tools, and the computer itself are all artefacts; the tasks refer to an assignment performed using these tools (Firineran and Zhang, 2003). Although this study did not mention Facebook specifically, the researchers did mention that the captive social opportunities of the Internet appeared to be the culprit of the schoolwork problems (Kubey. According to a recent national poll completed by the Harvard Institute of Politics (2011 over 90 of students at four-year colleges reported having Facebook profiles. The most salient concern among scholars, educators, and the public however is related to the effects of social networking sites such as Facebook on the time dedicated to studying and offline activities.

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thesis on bebo