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Streetcar named desire summary essay

streetcar named desire summary essay

world. While Stella goes to the bathroom, Stanley, her husband, enters and meets Blanche. His wife Stella comes out to the landing. She looks at the address shes written on a piece of paper, shocked by the house in front of her and the shabby appearance of the neighborhood. To survive, Stella must also resort to a kind of illusion, forcing herself to believe that Blanches accusations against Stanley are false so that she can continue living with her husband. When the attendant arrives, she doesn't recognize him and tries to run away. Mitch tells Blanche that they both need each other. When her sister comes, Blanche quite frankly criticizes the place.

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The play ends with Stanley as the ideal family man. How does Williams use sound as a dramatic device? He is loyal to his friends and passionate to his wife. Eunice, a white woman, sits with a black woman (who is referred to only as the Negro woman) on the steps of the house. This illusion of an idea life and personal identity is portrayed not only in the real world today, but also Williams A Streetcar Named Desire. However in the end, Stanleys down-to-earth character proves harmfully crude and brutish. Some time later, Blanche is dressing for a date with Mitch.

streetcar named desire summary essay

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche DuBois moves in with her sister, Stella. Stella's husband, Stanley Kowalski, dislikes Blanche. Home Free Essays A Streetcar Named Desire : Play Summary.