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Essay chinese wedding

essay chinese wedding

lasted a couple minutes, haha! I held my husbands face in my hands and asked him why he was crying, and he said, I am so happy just to be here, and seeing the generous support from my family today. Theres just so many photos to take! Left sweet apples and oranges amidst cypress leaves in a basket; Right a pair of bottled honey Cypress leaves are used in traditional Chinese weddings to decorate the items in the Grand Gift. As I re-live the experience through my writing, I hope to be able to share this knowledge here, and perhaps pass down these stories to my future generations, in hopes that they will understand and practice centuries old of a tradition; a Chinese way. It is also written very formally as to indicate which child in the family (in terms of seniority) is getting married.

This includes the availability of friends and family members. If anything, the actual traditional Chinese wedding cakes are the ones that were received during the betrothal ceremony. My husband and I had a few varsity classmates, who went separate ways after graduation, but came all the way from Singapore, Hong Kong Canada to attend our wedding. The last part of a traditional Chinese wedding speaks to the bride returning home three days after the wedding ( San Chao Hui Men). The root character of the word, (J means auspicious. To minimize bad luck, they avoid looking at the bride and groom as they enter the house. I never want to live a life of what-ifs or regrets, and so I choose to believe the importance of choosing an auspicious date. Of course, a downpour is never fun in any occasion, so light rain is usually common during auspicious for a Chinese wedding.