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Role of youth in eradication of corruption essay

role of youth in eradication of corruption essay

their hope on Indian democracy as a whole. One day the king Akbar wanted to test whether his people are really obedient to him. The main problem of the youth in India is that they are not a part of the society in its full sense they come under parents, and are guided by parties, and age old ideas that has no relevance in todays IT age. To prevent this to happen, youth should take an initiative and participate in politics voluntarily. These characteristics must be preserved and nurtured.

They must be courageous to stand for truth, raise their voice against injustice. I asked both: Do you have an answer?

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Consider any segment or sector of our society. Government should provide them the required platforms. If they watch something bad or unacceptable for the betterment of the society then they should think and try to do something their selves. More than a matter of need, corruption has become a subculture, a common practice, a necessary evil. Youth can impact to a greater extent in implementing the fintech technologies like bitcoin, block chain and mining which makes the entire system transparent. Same the young generation needs. Where did the money go then? While doing so, a review of the syllabus is also required to prevent overloading of the children for ensuring blossoming of their creativity. Interest rates from the banks need to be more proactive to stimulate the growth of the right type of small, medium scale industry and agro food-processing industries.

Youth need to share their knowledge with the rural population and.
It is only due to courage, determination, and spirit of youth that a nation prospe rs and progress.
Youth can play an important role in eradicating corruption.
However, despite the attempt and efforts of the government to erad icate corruption from its grassroots, the role of youths in this fight cannot.
Corruption is very big problem.