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Gadgets make life easier essay

gadgets make life easier essay

man of my timesort. Moreover, technology has spread into areas where its usefulness is questionable technology developed just because we can. But I still take my pictures with a camera using that old-fashioned thing called film. Having children is really stressful, from the sleepless nights to constantly worrying if they are okay, this gadget is here to help. Just like there is an app for that, there are also gadgets for every struggle throughout your day.

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They hook up to a mobile app that will direct you right back to where that lost item. People are always busy with their electronic tools, whether be it their smart phone, laptop, pc or something else. We dont have a landline. Moreover, it is impossible to separate todays youth from their smart phones. Instead of busting out the mop and bucket, you can just purchase this remote control mop and clean your floors from the couch! Technology is very important in humankinds growth because at any stage of its development it has made life easier and has opened several doors of opportunities for us that were unthinkable before. You should, because youre the one who waits. Sugru can be used as a ceramic glue, or even for fabricating a quick part to fix that other handy gadget. But I also think that we are becoming a slave of modern technology. They are traditionally advertised to go with whiskey or scotch, but you could use them to chill your morning coffee or basically keep drinks cool without the melted ice. Technology has made it possible to communicate with people all over the world through email, instant messaging, Skype, social media etc. Computers, TVs, cell phones, and a few other gadgets somehow or other crept into my house over the years.

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