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Cheerleading essays

cheerleading essays

of Maryland, Lura Fleece, when referring to the sport of cheerleading (Drehs). Many people associate cheerleading with the United States, since the sport is most widely practiced in this nation. Some elementary schools also have very basic cheerleading squads, in the spirit of pee-wee football and other diminutive versions of popular sports. In addition to the physical demands of routines and tricks, cheerleading squads also encourage a very specific body type which can be difficult to achieve. As football got more and more popular, so did cheerleading. Cheerleading is an organized activity which involves leading essayage bottes magasin a series of cheers to rally the crowd at sports events. 1289 Words 6 Pages "It's been phenomenal. Just by looking at the word itself, it takes a leader to be one.

cheerleading essays

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Since I am a cheerleader, I would obviously not be considered the brightest of the bunch at school. I am a cheerleader. When the men returned there were all kinds of new twists and turns added to the teams. Okay, so much for what people assume about me as a cheerleader. I soon learned that even though I was not a leader of my squad, I was a leader for my school. In the 2000s, the risk of injury among cheerleaders began to be seriously discussed, and several safety commissions formed to set basic policies and oversee the sport, ensuring that athletes are at a minimal risk of injury. In 1898, the first documented cheerleading event occurred, when Johnny Campbell led a cheer at a University of Minnesota game. On high levels, cheerleading is itself a sport, with participants performing dances and complex tricks which are extremely physically demanding. Webster defines a leader as one who leads, but who is to say that that definition is complete? The first cheerleading organization, the National Cheerleading Association, was founded dissertation on abstinence and Hurkimer created spirit slogans, ribbons, and buttons to raise spirit and money. Get ready for the real scoop.

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