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Words that stung essay

words that stung essay

mysticism and ultimately reconciliation with his Catholic roots. The following tracks belong to this album; Its Alright For You, Walking On The Moon and Message In A Bottle. Sting released his second solo album in 1987 titled Nothing Like The Sun. This album by and large, showcased Sting as a storyteller. This album almost entirely utilized narrative in its lyrics. Before moving on further with my study of Stings lyrics, I think it would be best to cast a cursory glance over his early history.

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The following tracks belong to this album; Hounds Of Winter, Im So Happy I Cant Stop Crying, I Hung My Head and Lithium Sunset. What would you do if you where a little boy who was taught about racism when you where a child and you had to pick the right thing to do or the wrong thing? It was a lament of an individuals helplessness in the face of war. They also show the conflict and reconciliation of his Catholic roots. Much of Stings work, in fact most of his work revolves around the themes of love. When you have the desire of running away. Stings lyrics are a reflection of who he has been at various stages in his life. The song then acts as a chronicle of the various influences on Sting.

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