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How to prevent school bully spm essay

how to prevent school bully spm essay

initiated by one or more student against a victim. Especially in girls, but also in young men, eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia can manifest due to bullying about weight or physical appearance. Establish and periodically review with child the basics of what to do if they encounter hurtful behavior directed toward them or someone else. The four basic kinds of bullying are physical, verbal, covert, and cyberbullying which all have a profound effect on childrens lives. While some ties the feature of peer abuse and repeated activity into the definition of bullying, others acknowledge single instances and age difference in their definitions of bullying. There are many more ways to prevent cyber bullying. Adolescence is something that, when we go through it, makes us the person that we are to become.

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This may be due to an excessive problem with bullying at the school. A recent incident of committing a suicide because of bullying was a thirteen year old girl, who was bullied by her girl friends in the school. The bullies also undergo serious emotional trauma, which in turn causes them to bully other children. I believe a school should create an environment whereby children understand from the moment they start school that bullying, aggression and violence are not acceptable. Bullying occurs in schools, workplaces, in homes, on playgrounds, in the military, and in nursing homes, for example. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program takes action with bullies, victims, teachers, families, schools and the community to prevent bullying in students aged 6. Different kinds of bullying have short term and long term consequences that temporarily and permanently affect the bully and the bullied. Ayon dito, maramingdahilan kung bakit nabubully at nambubully ang isang tao. Schools and parents must educate children about bullying behaviors; it will help all children feel safe and secure at school. In the first article the authors tells us that along with children, parents are also nervous to send their children's to high school, "less confident are worried about everything, to fights on the bus,.pushing of heads in the down toilets.". Bullying can be physical, verbal, or emotional.

This is also an important way to establish good communication with child so that she knows that someone she can go to when she has a problem. Effective programs also usually train school staff to intervene in bullying situations and develop consistent school rules for the consequences of bullying. Teenage years are the only time when youth may encounter violent behavior.