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Studying abroad speech essay argumentative

studying abroad speech essay argumentative

it has both advantages and disadvantages for students who go overseas for a university education. When I think about learning the language I think about the frustration I have felt when saying the wrong word for what feels like the thousandth time. Studying abroad helps students to learn how to live without family. Students sometimes face the cultural shock.

We have to pay not only for our school fees but also for our living erefore, finance may become the biggest problem. Some people argue that students ought to study overseas to develop their careers, as today finding a job has generated a rat race, whereas other people claim that studying abroad can be really expensive and no profitable at all. Finally living and studying in another nation can make you proficient in a new language. In this way, the best universities employ teachers who are experts in their fields. In work life and in your personal life, It will bring more respect for you. We dont have to worry about the currency exchange. First, there are many advantages that students will have when they study abroad. Learning new cultures and trying to get integrated in new societies gives the student a unique skill that cannot be reached without going abroad, Language skills will definitely improve in foreign countries. At first time when students go abroad to study they have some communications problems. One reason many students prefer studying abroad rather than staying their home country is the desire of developing themselves as a person. So, how we can learn it? Consequently, it helps them when they start to earn money, because it is important to have a good diploma from a good university.