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Responsibility to protect essay

responsibility to protect essay

in his On Responsibility, Basic Books, New York The essay referred to above, which takes the example of psychopathy and argues that responsibility attributions are intelligible only insofar as they connect up with a persons existing moral concern. This involves evaluating them in terms of how far they exercise (or possess) the capacities pertaining to moral agency, how they approach their past actions and failings, and how they approach their duties and areas of responsibility. A quite different school of thought, recently exemplified in the work of Michael thesis statement dracula bram stoker Moore (1998 endorses a recognizably Kantian view of moral responsibility, and argues that the law ought to share this approach. Something that every customer will enjoy when co-working with our experienced writers is professional services that are available 24 hours a day. Individual Responsibility, there is no philosophically well-settled way of dividing or analyzing the various components of responsibility, and some components are often ignored by philosophers. This usage bears at least one straightforward relation to the question of retrospective responsibility. First, she exercises the capacities of responsible moral agency to a model degree.

A well-known formulation captures this problem neatly: "No soul to damn, no body to kick" (Coffee, 1981). Place your order now and get quality help from experienced writers. When something has gone wrong, we invariably want to know who was at fault; and when something has gone right, we occasionally stop to ask who acted well. Collective Responsibility, the Agency of Groups, retrospective Responsibility of Collectives. Do you have a writer who is able to do it well for me? But we do single out the person who we think ought to be held responsible for the outcome. Our writers know how to write any assignment, be it an essay of 3 or 4 pages, a research paper, a business report writing project of 10 pages, a book report of 5 pages, a sociology presentation, an urgent coursework, or a dissertation. The article on praise and blame discusses this issue in more depth, contrasting Kants approach with that of Aristotle and utilitarianism. Scanlon, T M (1998) What We Owe to Each Other, Chapter 6: "Responsibility Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA Attacks a simple account of retrospective responsibility in terms of choice the forfeiture view for a more sophisticated "value of choice" view. This question can arise wherever the actions of a group of people combine to generate a particular result whether a corporation, or the citizens of a state, or even individuals who have no particular connection to one another. By the same token, responsibility has clearly become a very important virtue in modern societies.

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responsibility to protect essay