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Third year undergraduate dissertations

third year undergraduate dissertations

must be no longer than 10,000 words. Keats and two hard copies of their dissertation to the Department Office, Room B3, North Wing, before.00 on the deadline date. Remember that you should submit at least one draft to your tonight i can write the saddest lines essay supervisor before this deadline, in order to give you time to make necessary revisions. After this, only minor changes to the wording of the title will normally be accepted, subject to the supervisor's agreement. It allows the student to explore a narrow topic in greater depth than a traditional module. Finally, the undergraduate dissertation also varies in the type of research conducted, which will be more focused on texts and documents rather than active field research.

third year undergraduate dissertations

It is typically completed in the final year of a degree programme and the topic is chosen based on a students own area of interest.
Undergraduate Third Year Projects.
Please note that I have no more capacity to supervise any more students for the 2008/2009 session.
Via this section of my web site you can access various information to do with third year, undergraduate dissertations.
King's College London Classics Undergraduate dissertation, King's College London Classics Graduate Diploma Dissertation.

Binding and submission : Unlike undergraduate essays, the undergraduate dissertation must be professionally bound before being submitted. You should look at drafts in the week before Easter (unless you know you can do so over the break in order to have enough time to respond to comments before the deadline. An undergraduate dissertation (or Bachelors dissertation) is essentially an extended piece of research and writing on a single subject. The fund allowed me to go to London and delve into the historic archives at the British Library with travel costs and other expenses reimbursed. A little common sense and good will should keep you safe. Gerasimos Tsourapas, is supportive of such initiatives: The Student Enhancement Fund scheme is invaluable in fostering creative thinking, and granting support for students activities. Dissertation Guidelines for Undergraduate Study. As long as you do not rewrite parts of one anothers drafts, borrow large sections and ideas wholesale, or duplicate parts of the same work in separate dissertations, you should be able to stay on the ethical side of the collusion line without too much.

In any event, it would be a good idea to schedule such a meeting in the week or two before handing in proposals/synopses, and before handing in drafts/final drafts, in order to get feedback from one another in a process of peer review. What might you do in such a group, and what might the benefits be? The Final-Year Dissertation (HST398 or HST399) should be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding projects you undertake here, where you come of age as a historian and draw together all of your historical and transferable skills in the process of sustained research. The definitive version of the title will be submitted by the supervisor to the Head of Department at the beginning of the following Semester 1, after a further meeting with the student. For a statement of the Department policy on plagiarism and collusion, see the following link:. Dissertation Support Groups, the idea is to encourage all those who wish to to join together in groups of 3-5 for the purpose of offering one another support and feedback while working on your dissertations. It is sufficient to conduct thorough, sustained research and present a critical discussion of a relatively narrow research topic.

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