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Essay on crime and violence in schools

essay on crime and violence in schools

is no negative impact on us from TV screens. The popular saying The child is a product of his environment proves to be true. The final contributing factor to crime and violence in Jamaica is ineffective methods of dealing with conflict. In order to achieve this goal we must first address the root causes of crime and violence, these include factors such as lack of jobs, lack of education, on the pleasure of hating thesis poverty, influence of music, abuse and influence in the home, ineffective methods of conflict resolution and poor. With a lack of education and proper training, and with the economy being the way it is, it will be nearly impossible to get a job.

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That is why seeing violence that often can cause crimes in society. When asked why they choose to rob and sell drugs, many persons reply that they are just trying to make a living. Some people think that TV programs with much violence cause crime in our world while others cannot see the relation between such films and peoples behavior. Another child might decide that he cannot endure poverty any longer and may turn to crime to get quick cash or to try and make a living. Being uneducated and unable to get a job many young people turn to crime to support themselves. When teenagers listen to these songs and hear the people they look up talking about marijuana, they will want to try it too. The laughing and making fun of the other students is what contributes to low self-esteem, which one of the traits for a student who is likely to bring violence into school. I just feel that maybe society wasnt sure on how to handle and deal with the crime. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, how to keep public toilets clean-essay we will write a custom essay sample on Crime and Violence in Jamaica specifically for you. The crimes that are most frequently occurring in most schools are vandalism, theft/larceny, and physical attack or fight without a weapon.

Some young people come from homes where they are abused or where there is violence. With so many young people looking up to him and singing his lyrics it is nearly impossible for them not to be influenced by his negative lyrics. Our modern world is unimaginable without Television.